Harassment & Misogyny In Gaming Culture Tackled At PAX Prime 2014 Panel!


Let’s be honest people, this senseless bullying and harassment of girls and women in the geek & gaming culture is fucking ridiculous.

It. Needs. To. Stop.

We’ve got shit like this: Sarkeesian driven out of home by online abuse and death threats, because Anita Sarkeesian has the audacity to point out the obvious…that the majority of video games still treat women as sex objects or prizes. Her project Tropes vs. Women in video games, highlights some of the worst offenders.

Death Threats for critiques on a video game? Seriously? This kind of shit makes my blood boil!

Don’t think it’s a ‘real’ issue for the girls and women who want to enjoy games?!? Then you are part of the fucking problem. Period.

Ok. Ok. I’ll calm down…I will.

Anyways, my friend Megan Spurr over at Dorkadia recently headed up a panel at the 2014 PAX Prime called: Not Us, Not Here: Examining Bullying, Harassment & Misogyny. Megan, along with Josh Neal and Stacey Weber, decided to take on this insidious and rampant problem head on, at PAX Prime no less! Megan writes about the experience as both female gamer and professional in the geek culture world…

“The harassment and misogyny happening to female gamers is pretty awful. Lets not even get into the researchers and developers because those ladies have targets painted on their backs and my heart goes out to them (for another article later!) – the world is a scary place. I can’t begin to tell you the number of women who just don’t turn their microphones on, or even participate in online matches because of the at best cat calling, and at worse down right HUNTING that happens when they try to play.” -Meagan Spurr


To read the full article, click here: PAX Prime 2014 panel: Not Us Not Here – Examining Bullying, Harassment and Misogyny.

To see the presentation from the panel discussion, click here: Not us, Not Here: Examining Bullying, Harassment & Misogyny Presentation.

Everyone has the right to let their geek flag fly people. So, to all you misogynistic game developers and gamers out there, knock it off. You are hurting –not helping– the very culture you hold so dear to your heart.

I’ll end this with words of wisdom from the the almighty Wil Wheaton

“Play more games!”
“Don’t be a dick.”

Art the World!


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