Metal In Your Face! New England Thrashers – Swarm of Eyes

Swarm of Eyes, Photo © 2011 Karen West.

Swarm of Eyes, Photo © 2011 Karen West.

I discovered this band about 6 months ago, and it’s all thanks to an old friend. He introduced me to George O’Connor because we were both is the same biz. No, not music. Indie publishing.

You see, George is also an indie comic creator. He’s written and published 2 comic book series, Healed and Baby. You can see previews of each series here: But, I suggest heading over to ComiXology to purchase them all now! (Hint..the link is HERE.)

But enough about comics (I can’t believe I just said that…), this is about music. This is about Swarm of Eyes!

I’ll let the bands intro from their “About” page do the talking, because it’s right on-point.

“New England thrash/metal outfit Swarm of Eyes released their debut album, Designing the Dystopia, in April 2011. With a sound hard to pin to any one particular metal genre, Swarm of Eyes mashes up elements of Lamb of God, Carcass, and early Metallica. Formed in 2009, the band steadily amassed a following on the web with clips such as “Ruins of My Last Salvation” and “The Day That God Went Mad.”

Metal thrashing mad. Randy and George of Swarm of Eyes.

Metal thrashing mad! Randy and George of Swarm of Eyes.

“Swarm of Eyes eschews formulaic metal to create dark, angry soundscapes that travel from the epic spires of doom metal to the desolate lowlands of power thrash. Lyrically, the band culls inspiration from personal turmoil and some of history’s grimmest events, underscoring the factors that go into Designing the Dystopia on a metaphorical level.”

Swarm of Eyes live.

Swarm of Eyes live.

Now normally, I read a band’s bio and just shake my head. They are usually unwarranted, self-promotional dribble, meant to impress the sheep and exaggerate band’s musical significance. Pure puffery.

Swarm of Eye’s band description is the exception. It does a great job of capturing the band’s essence. You can hear the influences of “Lamb of God, Carcass, and early Metallica,” just like it’s stated in their bio. But it’s just that: influence. They’re not ripping off their sound or style. They’re not copycats. They’ve integrated these influences (and more), into something unique. Something of their very own.

Vocalist Randy Carter of Swarm of Eyes.

Vocalist Randy Carter of Swarm of Eyes.

Designing the Dystopia is a full on metal ride! There isn’t a single dud on the album. From old-school thrash to doom-inspired thunder, this album has it all. The highlights, for me, are “Endless Ashes“, “The Day That God Went Mad” and “Irredeemable.” These sludgy, riff-laden dirges absolutely crush it in all the right ways.

So, if you’re a metal head and you haven’t heard Swarm of Eyes yet…you are seriously missing out! (Hint, you can use those handy links above to start listening right now!)

Want to connect with the band? Here they are on Swarm of Eyes on Facebook and Swarm of Eyes on Twitter.

Art the World (with METAL!)



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