Featured Artist: EFJI’s Insanely Talented (& Just As Psychotic) Artist Mortimer Glum!

Morty Wins!

Today, I feature the comic artist and illustrator (who recently won Best Of 2014: Visual Artist in the Portland Phoenix), Mortimer Glum. He’s the artistic driving force behind the indie horror comic Escape From Jesus Island, and he’s what you might call a –very deranged and– ‘unique’ person. I’d like to go into detail, but I’ll just let him tell you himself. So, without further ado, Mortimer Glum!

Savage1: Tell us a little about yourself?
Mortimer Glum: I am old. I am fat. I have a hook for a hand and I go by many names. Uncle Morty to my fans, Most Dearest Comrade Glum in the South pacific and GODDAMMIT MORT to my nonsexual-spooning-partner and writer of Escape from Jesus Island, Shawn French. I am an artist who enjoys making images that confound, perplex and inspire a nihilistic cancer within those unfortunate enough to encounter my art.

Savage1: Name a few influences (people/places/experiences) and why they are important or integral to your work.
Glum: I was influenced by Tales from the Crypt comics, Creepy, Conan Frazetta, Severin & bad ass Jack “fucking” Davis. My work is a culmination of over 20 years of mistakes, self loathing, drugs, alcohol, whores and other poor choices. No one dislikes my work more than me and I believe it is this need to kill the old me that allows my work to continually metastasize into a lovely little tumor of expression. You see, I am in love with human suffering. I adore how it shapes our species into a more efficient machine. The more frightened it becomes, the more dangerous it is. Teeth gnash and nails lengthen when we are pushed to our threshold of suffering. My art seeks to capture that emotion.

To me, the Void where there is an absence of growth and renewal adorns itself in a mantle of Hope. Hope breeds a compliant society and it stagnates when given a scrap of food. The fear of losing everything is the result of our species hoping for more. A better life. Easier and less frightening.

I aim to change that.


Savage1: What is your artistic process like? What particular media do you prefer? Why do you choose this media for creation/expression?
Glum: I toil away on a variety of mediums, projects, styles and failing ideas. I paint in thick, undiluted oil when I need to control the screaming color wheel within my head. I prefer ballpoint pen to a crow’s quill, I prefer colored pencils to watercolor and use the shit out of my Cintiq drawing tablet. It’s how most of the comic is made. Pencil roughs of each panel are scanned in and then I begin painting in both Corel and Photoshop. I bounce between them both for different effects. I always employ 3D modeling like ZBrush, Maya & SketchUp into my art. I have a hard on for consistency. When I find a continuity error on my part, I immediately drive my hook into my mouth and carve an inverted star into my fucking tongue. I also take pills to manage my blood pressure, temper & of course, to get higher than a zeppelin strapped to a goddamn rocket.

Savage1: Tell us about your current creative project(s) or job(s)?
Glum: Escape from Jesus Island & Glumly’s Ghastlies are a pair of comic books that I am now heavily entrenched. I dare say buried. Suffocating even. I kinda like it. Anyway…

For now I am a comic book artist. Tomorrow I may be working production on a movie (I’ve done three so far). Next year I may be in jail for assaulting a sexy mannequin – who knows.


Savage1: Have you ever created something that actually scared you? If yes, why? If no, what’s the most disturbing artwork you’ve ever seen and why?
Glum: No. Not yet but I am searching each and every moment I draw to dig deeper beneath the surface of my scarred, pock marked flesh to find that thing that terrifies me. Though I’d say running out of drugs is something that I am kind of fearful of. Maybe I’ll paint a picture of a rehab center. That might do it!

Savage1: How did you get into a career in art?
Glum: Because I am shitty at everything else in life. I am so linear in my thinking, you could build a perfect fucking pyramid off my X,Y,Z axis. This is all I know how to do. This is all I have ever known. That’s why I am poor as a pauper and more spiteful than a pecker in a pickle jar filled with jalapenos. Great, now I’m hungry.

cardinal gore

Savage1: Any advice for people looking to express their creativity artistically? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share?
Glum: Study my work. See what I did wrong. Try everything and fuck up as much as humanly possible. Do not seek to create a great picture, seek to fail in over 100 ways. After enough years of ruining your own ideas, spoiling your own technique, starting over and over and over again – people will look to you as a master. Then you will die. Miserable. Penniless. A life wasted on nothing but sour self-reflection. Your art will sell for millions and you will never know it. Because you are dead. And there is no God. No after life. Just sweet, sweet nothingness.

Now get to work!

Savage1: Lastly anything you’d like us to know about yourself that isn’t covered by the above questions?
Glum: I am available for bar mitzvahs, one on one art lessons and 1000 man circle jerks. My name is Mortimer Glum. I am not someone who should ever be successful. I would make King Joffery look like a chubby cherub who shits rainbows.

Oh. I am colorblind. Yep. I use math to figure out which colors to use. I am also bad at math. So … my colors are fucking ridiculous sometimes. Not that I would know.

efji crewThe intro page for EFJI #1, an introduction to the EFJI Creative Crew

The covers (both Phantom Variant and Main Release) for EFJI #1 and #2




To see more of Glum’s work, you can check out his Facebook page (HERE).

For more twisted EFJI artwork, go to the EFJI website or the EFJI Facebook page (HERE), or you can head on over to the official EFJI store (HERE) where you can see additional prints or even become part of the Jesus Island Mutant Horde!

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