Capitol Hill (Art) Wall Project: Part 1!


The city of Seattle has some transportation issues. Hey, I love this city, but it’s got some problems. What city doesn’t?

Anyway, I bring this up to illustrate (no pun intended) the great way the city responds to construction. The many cranes are decorated for the holidays, construction sites that sit vacant become pop-up art sites, and the giant walls that separate dangerous sites from the populace are decorated. And decorated beautifully I might add. Well, at least this one is.



It’s called the Capital Hill Wall Project and its sponsored by the Sound Transit Art Program. There is a collection of interesting projects on this enormous wall, but I’m focusing on the massive mural on its backside. (Huh, huh, HUH, huhuhuh! I said ‘backside.’)





I wish the pics could do the actual mural justice. The wall is at least 20 ft. high and the work takes up the entirety of the space. It’s a wonderful and enjoyable art experience. I walk by it every chance I get.


This is the first half of the work, the second half coming next week.

Art the World!


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