Escape From Jesus Island on CNN this Sunday!

EFJI hits the national stage! I can’t WAIT to see Shawn French discussing the cloning of Jesus and the deformed Jesus-mutants on a religious show! O.M.F.G. This is goona rawk!!!

Art the World with Jesus Misfits!!!!!

Escape From Jesus Island

Hey, all!

I am super psyched to announce that Escape From Jesus Island writer Shawn French will be appearing on the Faces of Faith segment on New Day Sunday this coming Sunday, Jan. 26. No, seriously. This is an actual thing that is happening. A mutant Jesus discussion has been booked for CNN.

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 26, 8:35 a.m. EST. on NEW DAY SUNDAY.
WHERE: On your TV. A little channel called CNN.
WHAT: A discussion of the Escape From Jesus island comic book series, featuring EFJI writer Shawn French, on the Faces of Faith segment.

Tell every freak you know and hang onto your bootstraps, kiddies.

IT. IS. ON.Image

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  1. This is great news!!!


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