EFJI #1, Special Phantom Variant Cover Goes On Sale Dec 20th!

EFJJI #1 Special Phantom Variant Cover go on sale Dec 20th!

EFJJI #1 Special Phantom Variant Cover go on sale Dec 20th!

After a year of work, the Escape From Jesus Island premiere issue will be officially released (with it’s exclusive Phantom Variant cover) on December 20th at all Phantom Group retailers (with more than 50+ stores) across the US and in the UK. The Phantom Variant Group has launched a new line of small print-run comics, named Phantom First Friday’s, with EFJI #1 as it’s flagship release.

With the buzz growing (the release of EFJI #1 being ranked #2 in Comic Book Speculations Top Ten Comic ‘Hit List’) and with advanced reviews and quotes like this:

“May I recommend a comic by writer Shawn French and artist Mortimer Glum. It’s called Escape From Jesus Island, and it has been created with immense love, commitment and vision. It’s almost like seeing a hyper-intense Italian movie for the first time: your mind will be blown. -Clive Barker”

And this…

“Shawn French has created something that reads like an american horror movie, but looks like something Dario Argento would be proud to call his own. -Tommy Kilo, Comic Book Money “

…it’s obvious the excitement around EFJI is growing. And it should be. We’ve put a lot of time, energy and work (thousands of hours) into the project (it’s art, story, execution, production, and marketing). It’s good to know all that effort has paid off.

Pre-order’s have already begun with Phantom Stores like Illinois Graham Crackers already selling out! (link HERE)

Though, truth be told, the Phantom retailers REALLY want you to physically come into the store to purchase your copy – use the Store Locator to see if there is a Phantom retailer near you.

EFJI #1 (Original Cover) goes on sale Jan 20th!

EFJI #1 (Original Cover) goes on sale Jan 20th!

Once Phantom retailers have had their 30 day exclusive right-of-sale, the EFJI crew will begin selling our own copies (with original cover) starting January 20th. A link will be posted on our FB, the EFJI website and on our Twitter account for you fans that just ‘must have’ both versions.

We also plan to have the comic available for digital download (on Comixology and the like) around the same release date. Though the final launch date for the digital comic is dependent upon a lot more than us, so we’ll see how close to the target date we manage.

It has been an honor to work on this project. I’ve learned a lot. And I’ve finally gotten to fulfill a lifelong dream. My name is in the credits for a comic book. A book we put together from inception to print.

Art the World,


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