The Fabulous Cardboard Portraits of Giles Oldershaw!

Tallulah Bankhead by Giles Oldershaw

I found this awesome, stencil-like portrait art by Artist Giles Oldershaw over at one of my favorite websites (and sources of all things odd!) Spooky knows how to find some fantastic stuff! He writes, in part, this about Oldershaw…

“He begins by drawing the outlines of his portraits on a piece of cardboard with a pencil, then uses an assortment of tools like tweezers, scalpels and scissors to remove certain layers of corrugation, card and protective coating to give his artworks more depth. The actor-turned-artist says no ink, paint or charcoal of any kind is used to highlight the facial features of his subjects. From a distance, Oldershaw’s portraits resemble sepia paintings, but on closer inspection, the images reveal the high level of technical skill involved in their creation.”
-Spooky, Oddity Central
Talented Artist Carves Layered Portraits into Pieces of Cardboard


cardboard-portraits5All Cardboard Portrait artwork by Giles Oldershaw. All rights reserved.

To see more of Gile’s awesome work, click on the image above (it brings you directly to his website) or on the link to Spooky’s article above!

Art the World!


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