Sneak Peek At The EFJI Mobile Wallpapers!

I know I’ve been obsessed with the EFJI project on my blog lately. But that’s because I spend hours on it EVERY day. Once the Kickstarter is done (which is located here!) I promise to get back to delivering new & different art to your email.

With that said, Mortimer Glum may be the driving force behind the EFJI project’s visual success (I mean seriously, have you seen hoe fucking awesome his work is?!?!) but once in a while I take that awesome artwork an put it to some practical uses. This is a sneak peek at the upcoming #EFJI smartphone wallpapers.

They will all be free downloads, and (eventually) be available for all major mobile device formats, but for now they are designed at 720 x 1280, the size needed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is, coincidentally the phone I own. Hey, I needed to see how they looked live. Don’t hate!  🙂

I’ll only release the one because Mr. French has plans for them. Keep watch for a lot more soon!

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