Clive Fu@king Barker! The Prime Minister Of Horror

I weigh in on the fact that one of my idols shows interest in our project!

Escape From Jesus Island


Some of you may have already heard. But I just couldn’t contain myself.

Clive Barker. You know, the world renowned Horror icon? The creator of Pinhead. The writer of The Great and Secret Show, one of my favorite books of all time. Yeah. THAT Clive Barker. Well, he’s taken note of our little project and was kind enough to give us a shout out!

Clive Barker’s official Hellraiser page featured Mortimer Glum’s Mutation of Mr’ Barker as: Cardinal Barker, Prime Minister Of Horror (seen above), on the Official Hellraiser page AND on their FB page!

We are definitely picking up steaming heading into the final stretch of our campaign. Please continue helping us spread the word, so we can make Escape From Jesus Island as big and bad as it needs to be.

Art the World (with Horror!)

PS- Clive FREAKING Barker! Can you believe it! *cannot…

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