Escape From Jesus Island Kickstarter Week 1 Recap

A week in and this is where the EFJI Kickstsrter stands!

Escape From Jesus Island


Exactly one week ago, I was staring nervously at my computer screen. We were about to launch the Escape From Jesus Island Kickstarter campaign. Twenty years of story work, a year of production and several months of Kickstarter research and design all came down to this. If the campaign is successful, we can release our comics in full-color print, as it should be. If not, a devastating, public failure and humiliation.

The suspense didn’t last long. Within seconds of launch, Joseph Schmalke claimed one of the signed and numbered copies of Issue 1 with an alternate cover. Next was Big Gore, from the metal band Coffin Syrup, whose pledged earned him the coveted Death By Damien reward. One after another, the pledges rolled in.

15 new cast members have been added to our story this week. Two will be killed by Damien, two by Mother Superior and five fans…

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