Go Team Pop Culture!

Team Pop Culture Facebook Cover

Team Pop Culture Facebook Cover

One of the (many) projects I’ve been working on over the last year and a half (when I was supposed to be re-vamping and relaunching the new website) is, what we now call, Team Pop Culture! This collaboration with Author R. Smith began as the writing, editing and releasing of a fiction novel. But it’s evolved into creating our own indie publishing (mini) empire!

It actually started with an email asking, “Hey can you read this and tell me if it’s worth pursuing further,” and ended with the releasing of the full-length novel Pop Culture Sucks, Manifesto of a Vampire, and the subsequent release of two more book series: Knights Of Albion and Everything Sucks Shorts.

This sideways work-track opened up a whole new world of opportunity. The world of Indie Publishing may not be ‘rocket surgery,’ but there’s a very steep learning curve if you’d like to deliver a quality product to the consumer. Here is what Team Pop Culture has delivered so far…

Ebook Cover for Pop Culture Sucks

Ebook Cover for Pop Culture Sucks

Pop Culture Sucks, Manifesto Of A Vampire

One Vampire’s attempt to educate a wildly uninformed Human public about the realities of daily life as a Vampire. Using his own experiences as a platform, the narrator takes us from 1918, during his last days as a Human, all the way up to present day. Though not without a few adventures; his memoir features neither quivering damsels nor apocalypses. You’re welcome.

Product Details
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: Indie Published, CreateSpace
Release Date: March 15, 2013
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1481297104
ISBN-13: 978-1481297103
Available on Kindle and in paperback at Amazon.com.

 Knights Of Albion
Another chapter in the legend of the Once and Future King.
We begin in Albion, Michigan with a young man finally free of the foster system but with no roots or sense of purpose. . . until he discovers who he really is.
The Knights of Albion series draws on many versions of the great legend; from pre-Roman Celtic and Welsh mythology, to classic medieval literature; and weaves them all together into the modern world. It’s King Arthur as you’ve never seen him before!
This series will be released one chapter at a time. You get to start reading it before we’re even done writing it!

Currently available on all major Ebook platforms at Smashwords.

Everything Sucks, Short #1Everything Sucks Shorts
Have you ever read a book and thought “gee I’d really like to know more about all those background characters!” Well we here at Team Pop Culture thought of that; because we’re awesome, and we’ve got you covered. The Everything Sucks series will consist of stand-alone short stories involving–to a greater or lesser extent–various characters from the Pop Culture Universe. You’ll get peeks at things like:
–Iris’s time in the Underground
–Gary’s life in the late 1940′s
–Stitch, the Speakeasy barkeep
–And much more!
And all of these stories still make sense…even if you haven’t read Pop Culture Sucks, Manifesto of a Vampire!

Currently available on all major Ebook platforms at Smashwords.

In the end, Art and Creativity is much about the journey as the end product. In that respect alone, being involved in the Team Pop Culture experience has been an incredible success.

Art the World! (Write the World!)


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