I’ve Moved Back In!


After (way too many) months of stubbornly refusing to accept I was on the losing side of the site overhaul (and transfer to .ORG), I realized I’d be better served maximizing what I do have while I have it. Go back to generating original content, market, network and do all the other things a poor a small business Owner, Art Agent, Editor and Indie Publisher does…and leave the website building to the experts.

Ebook Cover for Pop Culture Sucks

Ebook Cover for Pop Culture Sucks

Actually this isn’t true. I set it aside for now and may go back to the site I have mostly done when I have more free time. Or, the most likely scenario, I’ll end up finding a nice, well built, slick, ready-to-use, template and have it’s creator install and set it up for me (at additional cost of course).

I’ve been a busy, busy bee while away from the blog. Here is a short rundown….

I’ve teamed up with Author R. Smith in the creation of Team Pop Culture, an Indie Publishing team and published a novel (Pop Culture Sucks, Manifesto Of A Vampire) to both Kindle and in paperback. We also just launched 2 new book series: The Knights of Albion and the Everything Sucks Shorts.

EFJI-Promo-Book-CoverI’ve also signed on to be part of the crew for the upcoming release of the epic, Apocalyptic, horror comic series Escape From Jesus Island. Written by Shawn French and Illustrated by Mortimer Glum, this project is a must see! I’ll be posting more on this in the future for sure, so just stick around and you’ll learn the beauty and horror this comic series has to offer. If you want a sneak peek at some of the EFJI promo materials, head on over to the Savage1Studio Studio Gallery.

Oh! That brings me to my next item on the list! Savage1Studio MM L.L.C. has moved in with giveusart.com! The pages are still somewhat rough (I just moved it in this weekend) but should show progress daily.

God damn, I’m the hardest working Gen-X slacker I know!

But I’m LOVING finally working on/be involved in all levels of the creative process on so many great projects!  After walking away from art almost 15 years ago, I’m back where I have always belonged…making comic books and ‘creating.’

Art the Motherfucking World!




  1. You go, Shawn! So glad you’re back =)


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