Taming the Waters: The Breathtaking Art of Rome’s Trevi Fountain!



By Christina Lazarakis

I whacked my toe last night.

I had been chasing my husband, Christopher, playfully trying to tackle him.  Turning the corner to our bedroom, my naked, right little toe clipped the edge of the door and I whacked it … hard.  So hard in fact that I sliced it.  Blood?  Not much, but check.  Did it hurt like a mother?  Oh, eff check.

A half a hour later, I was perched on the toilet with my foot in Christopher’s lap busy getting bandaged up.   I felt like a little kid sitting there, and as I was staring at my poor little jacked-up toe, it made me think of Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Trevi Fountain Detail -- All rights reserved by SamboMambo

Trevi Fountain Detail — All rights reserved by SamboMambo

The first time I saw it was when I was about 12.  My family was headed back to the States after living in Greece for almost 5 years, and the awesome parents that they were; they decided to make the journey back a road trip — stopping off in different Italian cities along the way — before flying out of Rome for the U.S.

So we took the ferry from Patra, Greece to Ancona, Italy, were we then meandered our way to Rome.

Now, having lived in Greece – arguably, the mother land of the world’s greatest antiquities – my 12 year old brain was not easily impressed.  The Acropolis was my backyard.  My grandfather’s birthplace was literally a hop and a skip from Delphi – considered by Greeks, ancient and modern, to be the navel of the Earth.  I had, on more than one occasion, played among the columns of Poseidon’s temple for Pete’s Sake.  And my pre-teen self had yawned.  That’s how high the standard was.

But I remember – as I turned the corner into the Piazza di Trevi – that I had never before seen anything so beautiful.  No, not beautiful, there really were no words to describe it.  Toes had never been so perfectly captured.  Bodies, limbs, water, the majesty; it was a true taming of the waters and it was all too much – and yet somehow, something that could never be taken in enough.

Maybe it’s all those beautiful toes in the fountain that made me think of it, or just my jacked-up one.  Maybe it was just the water, running in the tub.

Legend has it that if a visitor tosses a coin into la Fontana di Trevi, it will ensure their return to Rome.  I do remember tossing one in that day, but coin or no, I know that nothing could ever keep me away from going back and seeing it once again someday.

Fontana di Trevi by Night -- All rights reserved by Hisham Besheer

Fontana di Trevi by Night — All rights reserved by Hisham Besheer

To learn more about Trevi Fountain, go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trevi_Fountain

Christina Lazarakis is a freelance writer, and creator of the blog, Small Kitchen Chronicles. She has been an artist and performer her entire life. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Christopher, and is thrilled to be writing for Give Us Art! Go Art! Connect with Christina on Twitter @christinalaz.



  1. Niko Lazarakis says:

    Wow, that’s so beautiful!!! I’m surprised I don’t remember it in detail, must have been too young:).


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