Black Metal Surfaces In The Turbulent and Volatile Social War Of The Middle East!

Iraqi Black Metal and - Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis

Iraqi Black Metal band – Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis

A new generation of disillusioned and pissed off youth have taken to Black Metal as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction with their world. In all honestly, it might just be the most real Black Metal out there these days. Their anger is real. Their frustration is real. The fight and it’s consequences are very, very real. The kind of real that, if caught, these musicians could very likely be executed.

I’m talking about the new Black Metal coming out of the Middle East. Here is a good article about it by Kim Kelly. Kelly spends too much time plodding through old hashed Black Metal stereotypes in the beginning, but the interview with Anahita, lead singer of metal acts Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis, is fantastic. Her story and her cause are moving in the way that a punch to the gut might be. Let there be no mistake, Anahita is fighting a war.

Her name is Anahita, and she is the 28-years-old voice and vitriol behind Janaza, Iraq’s very first female-fronted, black-metal band. Allow that notion—Iraq’s very first female-fronted, black-metal band—to sink in for a moment. Her first recording, Burn the Pages of Quran, boasts five distorted, primitive tracks that altogether run just shy of an unlucky 13 minutes. She, along with a handful of other acts hailing from the Middle East, are repurposing black metal’s historically anti-Christian ferocity to rail against Islam. —>READ MORE<—

This is another article on the band here.

To listen to the bands album, go here.

To “see” their video, go here.

For your grit, determination and courage to fight your cultural war with music, Anahita, Janaza, Seeds Of Iblis, and all your Middle Eastern Metal brethren, Give Us Art! salutes you!

Art & Attitude,
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  1. Awesome article and how inspiring. Rock on Give Us Art! and rock on Janaza and Seeds of Iblis!


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