What Is Erotic Art? A Well-Thought-Out and Enlightening Article By Mistress Matisse!

Mistress Matisse. Photo copyright RB images 2000.

Mistress Matisse. Photo copyright RB images 2000.

Seattle’s BDSM Sex Maven and The Stranger contributor, Mistress Matisse, recently juried for The Seattle Erotic Art Festival (Happening this week!). With four other jurors, one being nationally known sex columnist Dan Savage, Matisse viewed, considered and decided which of the 2000 plus submissions would make the final show. Taking what she learned from the event (and others), she does a fantastic job of pinpointing what erotic art is and is not in the following article.

I don’t know much about sex, but I know what I like. No, wait, I got that wrong. The line is “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.” And actually, I do know something about sex, and art, and the place where the two intersect: I got to exercise my opinions on the Seattle Erotic Art Festival art-selection jury this year. I was one of five people who spent many hours in a dark room looking at more than 2,000 visual art submissions and winnowing them down to the best 226. It wasn’t easy. —>[READ MORE]<—

All art should be considered so thoughtfully. Her words are sharp, poignant and well conceived. Give Us Art! salutes you, Mistress Matisse, for your efforts in furthering art understanding and comprehension. Oh, and all the sex work too. 🙂

Art & Attitude,
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