It’s mine! My New Original Artwork -History of Love- by Artist Jennifer Hatters!

History of Love by Artist Jennifer Hatters. Front View.

History of Love by Artist Jennifer Hatters. Front View.

My New Artwork Sitting on my wall!

Last month I wrote this article Art/Not Terminal Gallery Features ‘Echo of Colors’ by Artist Cecilia Mayr for During my visit I found History of Love and knew I had to have it. Even though the article was mostly about Art/Not Terminal and Cecilia Mayr’s work, here’s what I snuck in about the other memorable works at the gallery.

There was so much art to see that I’m going to leave you with a few gems from the rest of my A/NT experience. Because honestly, these artists works are worth mentioning. Artist Reba S. Bigelow shows skill and flair with two bold, vivacious abstract works. Artist Shirley Travis’s work ‘Blue on White Play’ was powerful, striking and (not surprisingly) playful. Artist Holly Cannell, featured in the Subterranean showroom, shows promise with superior works like ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Bursting’. Her work is thick, textual and engaging. Then there’s ‘History of Love’ by artist Jennifer Hatters. This work may just be the best piece in the gallery this month. All I’m going to say about this work is that I’d rename it ‘Steampunk Love’. Go see it for yourself and you can decide if I’m on the right track. But be quick, the artwork changes on a monthly basis!

History of Love by Artist Jennifer Hatters. Side View.

History of Love by Artist Jennifer Hatters. Side View.

So here it is. It was so fucking awesome that it now resides in my apartment. An interesting factoid is this work is the prototype for a new line of steamapunk inspired works by Hatters. I spent a little time talking to Hatters husband Bill and he filled me in on Jennifer’s future plans to create more steampunk pieces. I can’t wait to see her new work. But I have the original! I rule!

To see more of Hatters work head on over to her website
Or check out her Facebook page Jennifer Hatters – Artist.

Art and Attitude,



  1. Added, I love your blog! 🙂


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