JR takes over the Bowery Wall!

JR's Bowery Wall Mural

JR's Bowery Wall Mural

JR Strikes Again! But with the Go Ahead!
French Photographer and Artist JR gets hit shot at NYC’s famous Bowery Wall. His work replaces the mural of Kenny Sharf. Sharf’s mural had been subject to relentless tagging or “bombing” over its tenure on the wall. Apparently the walls new owners decided it was time to move on. JR’s work is sponsored by the TED, from which he recently was awarded its $100,000 art award.

Kenny Sharf's Bowery Wall Mural

Kenny Sharf's Bowery Wall Mural

The Bowery piece depicts the magnified eyes of DJ Two Bears, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota. “People forget that we’re here as Native American people. This is a great chance for the community of Standing Rock to tell their story,” said the photo’s subject during the installation in June.
Bonnie Rosenberg, www.theartnewspaper.com

JR and DJ Two Bears.

JR and DJ Two Bears.

Here’s to hoping JR’s mural has less trouble than the last one!

Art & Attitude,



  1. Noxonomus says:

    Sadly it looks to be off to a bad start judging by that last photo.


    • The last photo is before they put up JR’s art. I had it there so people could see both JR and the subject of the work, DJ Two Bears.


      • Noxonomus says:

        You know the bright colors really should have tipped me off to that. I believe that little maneuver I just pulled there is known as missing the forest for the trees.


      • ROFL! No problem. It’s one of those things…you were expecting to see something else, so your brain “fixed” it so that you saw what it expected. Happens to me all the time 🙂 Thanks for the input and convo! 🙂


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