Lullaby: The Sleepy Time Theatre Show!

The Barbican Theatre Breaks Convention
The UK based theatre the Barbican takes theater into sleepy territory. Their current show, “Lullaby” is not a black tie event. It’s a pj’s and toothbrush event!

Photo by Pau Ros

Photo by Pau Ros

Lullaby is a gentle, slumber show designed to send you to sleep. Bring your pyjamas and toothbrush and pile up the zzz’s at this romantic rock-a-bye nocturne. Book a single, a double or a triple bed and sleep with us on a summer night in the city. Enjoy your reveries as sister songstresses H. Plewis, Harriet Plewis and domestic dreamers Matthew Robins and Tim Spooner create a nod-off narrative of soothing storytelling and choral cradle song.

Lullaby is a moonlit soporific serenade followed by seven hours of slow-wave sleep rounded-off by
breakfast to send you on your way.

To read more on this go here Theatre show designed to send audience to sleep from or here Lullaby – A Theater Show Designed to Put Spectators to Sleep from one of my best sources on interesting art info Spooky over at!

So Barbican for pushing the boundaries of what theater can do and where it can go, Give Us Art! salutes you!




  1. Jonah McIntosh says:

    Wow, that’s certainly different.


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