The Absolutely Intense Artwork of Raissa Venables!

"Blue Vault" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2010.

"Blue Vault" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2010.

All That Glitters: Recreating Space And Content
Photographer Raissa Venables redesigns and reconstructs spaces. The end result is a piece of photo artwork that is both M.C Escher and Tim Burton-esque. The pieces have a Alice in Wonderland feel, due the bend on perspective and size, without having anything to do with that specific style or genre. Thaey are, simply put, awe inspiring.

"Duomo, Italy" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2008.

"Duomo, Italy" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2008.

All That Glitters is a body of work comprised of large format, highly saturated color photographs of interior spaces that are excessively opulent – old, modern or manufactured. I meticulously construct an image from dozens of photographs taken of a particular room in order to present a more encompassing visual experience of the place. As I photographically reconstruct these rooms, I experience the spaces in an obsessive manner that allows me to know them intimately. I do away with photography’s conventional one point perspective as I play with multiple vanishing points. My new perspectives form impossible architectural puzzles that seek to conjure, deceive and disorient. The result is the creation of glittering, dreamlike and other worldly manifestations of already fantastic interior environments.

"Jewel Room" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2010.

"Jewel Room" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2010.

As with my earlier work, Public Spaces and Private Spaces, I want to convey a particular psychological experience of the rooms I choose to photograph. In the piece “Blue Vault”, the glossy psychedelic wallpaper and tight quarters made an intense impression upon me. I repeat the patterns of oval shells by overlapping different photos of the wall, cutting out certain parts and revealing numerous viewpoints. They intertwine with each other in areas creating a new mesh pattern. In other sections, washes of translucent colors and pattern blend together hinting at deeper layers of space. All four walls are visible, yet the only sign of a door is a reflection in the mirror; however, even the reflection of the nonexistent door is ungrounded, floating above a second mirror. My goal is to portray this place as a world unto itself, eroding, shape shifting and seductively shiny.

"Green Vault" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2010.

"Green Vault" by Raissa Venables. Copyright 2010.

For your slightly creepy, totally kick ass artwork, Give Us Art! salutes you Raissa Venables! To see more of Raissa’s work, check out her website!


This post inspired by Rainey’s post All That Glitters by Raissa Venables over at the awesome art blog!



  1. Amazingly gifted!!! The emotions evoked from Raissa’s artwork are welcomed!! The images challenge me, making me feel alive again!


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