Incredible Painter & Sexy Model: Burgandy Viscosi!

Painting and Modeling: All in One!
Today’s artist is an interesting combo. She is part painter, part model. Yeah, I was surprised too. Her name is Burgandy Viscosi. She is a local Seattle Artist with a new exhibition at the Form/Space Atelier titled, a little arrogantly, 1 OF THE FINEST. The show runs from June 16th until July 10th.

As I went through Burgandy’s collection of work, I saw the kind of progression and evolution I see in good artists. Her earliest work is mainly portrait or life like painting. Then it moves to experimentation with those ideas. Lastly, she moves into more abstract interpretations and concepts. In this metamorphosis, her work improves dramatically. To see her Art Gallery go here Burgandy’s Art Pofolio.

Burgandy is also a fashionista and model. Her look seems to evolve as fast as the camera can snap the shots. Here is a look at some of her modeling work. Burgandy’s Modeling Portfolio. She has the kind of presence to make just about any look, look extremely good on her.

Earlier I noted the name of the show “1 OF THE FINEST” and quipped about it’s arrogance. But, If Burgandy Viscosi can both paint and model this well, then maybe she deserves the title after all. So Burgandy, Give Us Art! salutes you!



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