The Spiderweb Artist!

Rocky Fiore – The Spiderweb Artist
Emil “Rocky” Fiore, better known as the Spiderweb Artist, is an odd and fascinating man. He spends his day’s wandering woods looking to catch and preserve, as artworks, spiderweb’s. He equates his daily treks for webs to be “a lot more like fishing, or hunting.” than actual work. As he says “It is something I do because I love to do it.”

“I have been mounting spider webs on glass for over thirty-five years. Having personally caught and marketed more than 12,000 webs, I am quite sure no one else has as much experience in this unique and fascinating art. Spider webs have become my passion, and my primary source of income. (I have hung up my hammer and tool belt and left behind thirty years in the construction industry.)”
-Rocky Fiore

All images and art copyright Emil “Rocky” Fiore. All rights reserved.

Fiore sells his artworks at his website Be sure to check out his site.

Rocky, for your tireless dedication to your art, Give Us Art! salutes you!

Post inspired by Rocky Fiore – The Spiderweb Artist by Spooky at!



  1. Thank you so much for the compliments and aknowledgement! One of my webs is currently on display at The Museum of Natural History in NYC, part of the special exhibit on spiders. Spiders Alive! Running till Dec.2nd, 2012 Emil Rocky Fiore.


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