The Strange Colored Pencil Work Of Marco Mazzoni!

Art and Image copyright 2011 by Marco Mazzoni

An Obsession with Face, Flower, Bird and Butterfly
I’m not really sure what to say. I can say his work is stunning. I can say it’s obvious he has some serious talent. But, what else do you say about Marco Mazzoni‘s work? I’d probably start off with “WTF?!?” Then maybe I’d move to “Why basically the same unfinished female face covered in various stages of flowers, birds and butterflies?” Lastly I’d ask “Why do I care? It is a little creepy, but it is also beautiful!”

Art and Image copyright 2011 by Marco Mazzoni

Granted, that’s about as far from a “professional” review of Marco’s work that I can get. But sometimes there’s no need for words. The art speaks volumes on it’s own. This is definitely one of those times.

Art and Image copyright 2011 by Marco Mazzoni

Art and Image copyright 2011 by Marco Mazzoni

So Marco, Give Us Art! salutes you and your obsession with face, flower, bird and butterfly.


To see more of Marco Mazzoni’s work visit his tumblr site:



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  3. Good Post, Marco’s art is unarguably original and inspired, perhaps the definition of art itself


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