Give Us Art! We Need You!

This is me (yes, really) and I need your help!

I Need Your Help
It’s becoming harder and harder for me to find the interesting, wierd and cool art, news and events I want this blog to share to the world. I need your help. Now, before you tune me out…it’s not a LOT of help. And more importantly, it’s not a lot of work. I’m asking for you to just throw me a bone! Give me some good leads, some artists that haven’t been seen yet. An interesting art project, installation or artistic endeavor that I can’t easily find on the web. All you need do is comment on this post. Or you can just send a link to my email @ It’s really just that simple.

Know an Artist that wants to be featured? Great! Have them forward their Bio/Pics/Sites! Got the skinny on some killer new art, art movements or ideas? Great! Aim me in the right direction! With SO much cluttering the web nowadays, it’s not as easy as it seems to find new and interesting material everyday. All you need to do is aim me in a direction people. I’m willing to take it from there.

Art and Attitude,



  1. Hey you~

    a) I’m workin on it! I sent you my blog’s site, but obviously it’s slow going. I’m distractible, after all! The next thing to post will be paper dolls, when I figure out how to manipulate Adobe. After that will be comic books, if I get proper permissions.

    b) Is there a “search” function on your website? I looked but didn’t find it. I would like you to include one! Especially because I was thinking of searching to see if you had posted something about Judith Schaecter yet (see This is particularly timely because the Glass Art Society (GAS) is having a conference in town this weekend…

    c) I also think I’ve found the rose petal artist I was talking to you about. Here is one example: It’s not so much outsider art as weirdly-produced art. The main website this is from is: Shermatova&page=2. I think she was one of the Tajik artists who made a very State Visit-feeling visit to my shop once.

    d) Still liking your posts, even if I can’t always look–glad you’re doing it–keep it up–hope you’re well, too!


    • Awesome, thanks for the leads…I had lost the little piece of paper I’d written her name down on. Her stuff is very cool!

      Thanks for all your help!



  2. Ai wei wei was allowed to see his wife, who apparently is worrying herself sick.
    As for artists, maybe just follow on twitter any number of the soho or san fran galleries…. They always run with a trend.
    Google alan bamberger. I fol him on twit, fb etc. An art guy, a smart guy…


    • Yeah, I can (and maybe need to) do that. I was hoping not to just jump on gallery shows….but I’ll need to figure out something. Thanks for the leads, I’ll check them out!


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