First Featured Artist: Alison Kreitzberg!

"Finger Rocks" Image copyright Alison Kreitzberg 2011.

Photographer Alison Kreitzberg
So, the Featured Artist page has officially been launched. Technically, it was launched like 2 days ago. But whatever. It’s my blog, I can do what I want.

My first Artist is Photographer Alison Kreitzberg. She was one of the first people to respond to my call for Artists. So, she’s the first to be featured. In case you haven’t fingured it out yet, there is a link to the Featured Artist section at the top of the page. If that’s too hard for you find, here is is the link Featured Artist- Alison Kreitzberg.

"Red Rock" Image copyright Alison Kreitzberg 2011.

Ive got a funny story about a woman I’ve never met. Weird? Yeah. But it’s because it’s about me…about her. So, when I first got her Bio and pics by email I thought she was one of my friends. I have a friend named Alyson. I met her a couple years ago at SCC while in business classes. When I saw a different last name than I was expecting, my mind rationalized that she had either switched to a different family name, or more likely started using the new name of the man she is wedding soon. I cruised through the bio, looking at the sections of info to make sure it met the criteria, not the actual info itself. Then, I went on to have a (long string email) conversation with Alyson when I should have been talking to Alison. She must have thought I was the weirdest kid in town. (I am.) Finally, when I wrote the Featured Artist page talking about how I knew her, she finally sent me an email that said…in short…wtf? It was finally, at that moment, that light dawned on marble head.

Yes, I’m an idiot. I admit it.

Anyways, that is how I am introducing Alison’s work. With a story about how I’m an idiot. Probably not the BEST way to do it….but, it is what it is. Anyways, I think her work is awesome. The more I spend time with it, the more I enjoy it. You should too.

Art and Attitude, (mostly attitude tonight!)

PS- If I used words wrong, or the sentence structure is incorrect….whiskey says “Hi!” 🙂

"Chalk Hill" Image copyright Alison Kreitzberg 2011.


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