Street Art. Social Voice or Public Nuisance?

"Art In The Streets" banner for the MOCA LA. Show

The Museum Of Modern Art Takes To The Streets!
“Art in the Streets” is a look at the history of street art. The exhibition follows the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970’s, to the global movement it has become today. It looks at major cities where this form of art evolved, places like: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Sao Paulo. The show features work by many of todays most talented street artists. One of those is Banksy, who I’ve already written about in this blog. You can read that here The Social Voice of Banksy!

It will be interesting to see the reaction to the show. To me, Street Art and Graffitii are 2 different things. Even if everyone agreed, which they don’t, almost no one sees the same point at which street art becomes graffiti and vice versa. In the end, unless your contracted to put a mural on someone else’s wall, building or property, it is technically a crime. And there is good reason for it. But someone with a spray can tagging a wall to fly his gang colors isn’t the same as an artist like Banksy. At least not in my world. But where to draw the line. I, like most of us, have no real idea.

See a short clip on the “Art In The Streets” that should give you a better understanding of the event and the issues surrounding it go here Sorry, but their code wasn’t playing nice with wordpress code today. Don’t worry, it’s only 1:30 long.

Art and Attitude,


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