When Paper Art and Pornography Meet!

The Amazing Work of Tom Gallant!
Obsession. It’s the only way to explain Tom Gallant‘s work. The time, effort and patience it must take to create these labor intensive pieces is just mind blowing. And truthfully, I’m only showing some of his smaller pieces. He also does large scale installation pieces. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time is spent on those.

Here is what Spooky had to say about Tom Gallant in his recent post Artist Makes Intricate Cutouts from Hardcore Adult Magazines. I can’t do it any better, so i’ll not try.

Can pornography be art? That’s the question artist Tom Gallant is trying to answer through his series of beautiful paper cutouts made from archived adult magazines.

Brussels-based Tom Gallant describes his unique art as a visual language “dealing with a private matter in a very public way”. Using a very sharp scalpel, he cuts into the hardcore imagery, layering extremely delicate cutouts to create a whole new image that almost completely blurs your vision. If you look closely, you can see some flesh, hair, eyes, lips, sometimes even genitalia, but it’s the newly created shapes that first stand out.

“I use pornography as a representation of our visual culture, the underlying ideas are used to connect the motifs and concepts, whether it is the idolotry of youth, flesh, sex or the exploitation of the female and feminine. Pornography is the medium but not the message,” Gallant says about his art.
-Spooky for www.odditycentral.com

Following are some of his more explicit works. They’re not actually pornographic, but it’s plain to see what the original image was. If you are easily offended then just don’t scroll down. To me, it is an interesting use and view of an industry many try to pretend doesn’t even exist. I’m not posting these to incite a moral “discussion” on the value of pornography. I’m posting them because they are an important aspect of Gallant’s work.


To see more of Tom Gallant’s work go to his website www.tom-gallant.com
Here is a video of Gallant discussing his work. It is a great look into his art and into his mind.



  1. wrote a blog on it myself…


    • Awesome man! I went and checked out your blog and work. Collage is fascinating genre all unto itself. Keep arting the world!

      Art and Attitude!


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