Vampire Tree: A Night With Obi Kaufmann Part 1

Seeing, Experiencing And Meeting Obi Kaufmann
So, no post yesterday because of lack of time. One reason I had so little time was because I was busy attended the one night art slam expo “The Vampire Tree” by Obi Kaufmann in Seattle last night.

His work was incredible. As was he. I’m writing an article for about the experience. Once the article is finished and posted, I’ll link it so you can get the full story. The short? He had all the traits I love in an artists and none that I hate. He’s everything an artist should be. He deserves support, respect and kudos. I officially give him all three.

Give Us Art! salutes Obi Kaufmann! Here’s to hoping I get the pleasure of hanging out with him more. Ohh, and next time there will be tequila!


All images and art copyright Obi Kaufmann 2011.


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