Paper, Pencil & Music with Jenny Clements!

The Animation, Illustration and Comic Art of stressedjenny!
I ran into Jenny Clements work on There, she is known as stressedjenny. Her blog, simply named Jenny Clements, seems to have been a short term love affair. It’s simple, beautiful and abandoned since 2007. Sad because it had a nice look and feel. But she’s moved her work and journal entries to her deviantart site here

Stressedjenny is a cartoonist, illustrator and 3D animator from Wales, England. Her work has the insufferable cuteness of the popular, modern day animation intertwined with Norman Rockwell undertones. But her skills go beyond the ability to make something cute. Her gesture work is incredible. She shows a real understanding of the fundamentals of motion, body language and storytelling through line work.

All art and images copyright Jenny Clements 2011.

So Jenny Clements, or should I say stressedjenny, Give Us Art! salutes you! To see more of her work, check out her deviantart site here



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