Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!

The Caveman Art of Obi Kaufmann
Obi Kaufmann likes to say he paints by candlelight in a cave. After spending some time with his art, it’s an apt description. His use of line weight is bold and powerful. It creates a strong visual image that is hard to look away from. Just the kind of art I’d expect to see from an artist painting on a wall with poor lighting. His work is reminiscent of primitive cave paintings. Much more so, then the “modern” or “contemporary” labels it’s likely to get. And that’s why it’s so cool! It calls out to the primitive savage in me.

But Obi is much more than just a painter. He is the publisher of Swee(t)art: Oakland California Visual Art , the facilitator at the 40th Street Corridor Art Quest, and the curator of Zza’s Wine Bar Gallery. In short, Obi is a mover and shaker for art in Oakland and the greater Bay Area.

So Obi Kaufmann, for your painting and all you do in the Bay area to support and promote art, Give Us Art! salutes you!


To see more about Obi Kaufmann head on over to his website http://www.obikaufmann.com, to his facebook page here, or to his blog Swee(t)art: Oakland California Visual Art!



  1. I love it! Definitely calls out to the “primitive” in me, maybe even the Savage


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