A Callback: It Is What It Is!

It Is What It Is: One Month Later
The improvisational art and poetry project IIWII Project has evolved a lot in the last 5 weeks since I did my first post on it It Is What It Is.

First off, they have doubled the output. Instead of a single page of collaborative art/poetry, it’s now a daily two page spread. To me, this means the project is going great. These two Artists are building chemistry and the project is gaining steam. They are expanding old ideas and guidelines and moving into new, untapped frontiers. Here is a look at some of the new work over that time.

Another thing that’s impressed me about the project is the surreal quality that surrounds the serious social commentary showcased in the images and words. Some posts delve into the darkness, the real darkness, of being human. Even more so, being human in today’s world. The project also mercilessly hammers away at political and social issues. At least, I think it does. That is the beauty of this project. Like most good, powerful art, it forces you to look, think and interpret. It is a Monday thru Friday slap in the face, that lingers with you long after the weekdays.

If you’re not checking this site daily, you’re doing yourself a disservice. So IIWII, Give Us Art! salutes you!


All images and Artwork copyright IIWII 2011. [txt ©2011 jbb | img ©2011 am]


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