John Osgood wants to Bherd!

The Contemporary Urban Art of John Osgood.
John Osgood, a Seattle based Artist, has a style that comes as much from street art and graffiti as it does from the great Artist’s of the past. His work is heavy in the feel of “tagging,” yet pushes the boundaries of “What is Street Art?” and “What is Fine Art?” It is a wonderful, if not blasphemous, blend of the two. Exactly why I like it. He is pushing at the boundaries of style and genre.

John works and shows from his own studio, Bherd Studios, at the the Greenwood Collective. Bherd Studios is a small, independent artist run gallery. John’s wife, Michelle, is the Gallery Director of this “busy-bee” studio. The list of Artists that have shown at their gallery is staggering. This is due to curating a new group exhibit every month for the Phinney Ridge and Greenwood Art Walk’s. That’s a lot of time, energy and dedication to Seattle’s contemporary Art scene.

If that isn’t dedication enough, the studio is also part of S3A, a group of Seattle Artists and galleries committed to raising awareness to the alternative Art scene in the Pacific Northwest chronicling and promoting the Artists, Events and Venues in the area.

John Osgood and Bherd Studios, Give Us Art! salutes you for the work you do in helping make Art as important to everyone else, as it obviously is to you!


All Art and Images copyright John Osgood and Bherd Studios 2011.


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