The Beauty of Simplicity

The Artistic Styling’s of the Thomas brothers
Dave and Jim Thomas grew up fascinated with cinematography. This passion took them on a journey through creative arts like graphic design, video production, animation, photography, digital art, and music. Their site Random Art House is the culmination of that journey. Not everything on the site is an “amazing” piece of work. The graphic design work may be the weakest, but I like that they leave it up. It shows they are not afraid to try. To create. To grow. That’s what art should be about.

The site is aptly named. As I perused through the site it felt like I was wandering a flea market. “Don’t like this one. That’s not my style. Hey wait a minute…that’s nice!” I ended up going with the photography. For just the reason I named this post. The simple beauty of capturing a moment worth capturing.

So Random Art House, Give Us Art! salutes you!

To see more of their work go here Random Art House!

All images copyright by Jim and Dave Thomas


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