A Painters View: The Dreamcatcher Vision

A Little Taste of New Mexico
Today I am officially “mailing it in.” Not in the quality of the work I’ve found, I love the look, feel and overall “fullness” of this work. Otherwise I’d not have posted it. I’m “mailing it in” in writing, editing and re-writing today. I’ve done it for about 5 weeks strait and felt like..”ya know, I don’t really feel like doing this…no wait…ANYTHING today.” But, I want to keep the streak alive.

Todays Artist is Cassandra Gordon-Harris. Her work is an interesting vision of her progression as a human. She takes on a broad idea or spectrum for as long as she feels she needs to, then she moves on to the next concept. Here she is, in her own words.

“For most of my painting career I have painted the concept of a woman’s emotions, using the female figure as a vehicle in that quest. I also worked in abstracted landscapes and mixed media following that same pattern of expression. Because I always felt women were the architects of our civilization. This, I still believe.

As I approach the mature state of my career, I am evolving to another plateau. My subject matter has become more subjective and I now paint the core essence of emotions. That vague internal spark where it all births and begins. It is of course, the journey of a lifetime.

One thing has not changed, I always try to convey in my work, no matter if the feeling of the painting is light or dark, is a sense of hope. An innate strength of character to overcome and go forward with life.”

Keep dreaming, keep creating and keep painting!


To see more (and there is much, much more) of her work go here Cassandra Gordon-Harris Gallery.

All images copyright Cassandra Gordon-Harris 2011.



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    • That…is not as easy as it sounds when using wordpress.com. I’ve looked into it and am taking steps to make one for people to use.



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