Quick Hits! Ai, The Leons and “Shyd-lee”

Photo by Mario Tama/ Getty Images

Ai Weiwei Work Opens in NYC
Ai Weiwei’s Artwork “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads” opened yesterday in NYC despite his absence. He is still missing since his detainment at an airport in Beijing on April 3rd. The work is a representation of the Chinese Zodiac which was inspired by the design of an 18th century imperial building near Beijing. The work will be up in Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza through July 15th.

“Artists risk everything to create. They risk failure. They risk rejection. They risk public criticism,” he said at Wednesday’s unveiling in Central Park where the statues are displayed.

“But artists like Ai Weiwei, who come from places that do not value and protect free speech, risk even more than that.”

-NCY Mayor Micheal Bloomberg

Read more here  Bloomberg Says Unveiling of Ai Weiwei’s ‘Zodiac Heads’ is ‘Bittersweet’ and here Detained Chinese artist’s work exhibits in US.

Not Like The Other
Here is my final bump for the gallery opening for the show “Not Like the Other.”

It’s a look at the recent works of a brother and sister combo, Max M. Leon II and Erin Leon, one an illustrator, painter and graphic designer the other an out-of-the-box-thinker, printmaker and painter.

See how these two, so closely tied, can create Art so completely different. It should be a fantastic show. If your even close to the area I highly suggest you catch the opening reception. It’s bound to be a night to remember!

Who: Max M. Leon II & Erin Leon
Where: 3 Fish Gallery, Portland, ME. www.3fishgallery.com
When: Opening reception May 6th, 2011 5pm-9pm
More Info here: Not Like The Other.

Image copyright Scott Scheidly 2010.

It Is Pronounced “Shyd-lee”
My final quick hit is for Pop Surrealist/Lowbrow Artist Scott Scheidly. His Artwork is reminiscent of many past greats of the genre, but it has a life, an essence, and a vitality all its own. His work has a dark undertone and yet the sense of humor it needs to be successful. His framed works particularly capture the dark, slightly disturbing feel and tone found in most of his work. It is why Give Us Art! salutes you “Shyd-lee”!

To see more of his Artwork available for sale go here FLOUNDERART!




  1. Hi there! Thank you for that post. Brilliant just brilliant.

    I am actually curating a project in London for Ai Weiwei’s capture-awareness and release. It is called The Chinese Art Project, http://wp.me/p1yUbw-15, and I am looking to do an exhibition using art as a symbol of unique interpretation and freedom of expression. Hopefully I’ll have 25 peices of art to exhibit from 5 unique artists. You’d be so welcome to come! I guess it’s about pulling together and standing for our rights. Especially in an age of social media power. I’ve put a project video plan up here http://www.youtube.com/ChineseWhisperProj it would be great if you could find an outlet to let readers know.

    Many thanks! Keep up the good work.
    Mr Taurus.

    p.s. i’m on twitter: ChineseTwhisper
    p.p.s. I’ve added your blog to my links on the site


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