The Beauty of the Black & White Nude!

The Artistic Nude
It was only a matter of time before I tackled this subject. The artistic nude. More specifically, the female nude. It is, has been, and always will be a subject of artistic debate. Artists have been trying to capture the sensuality, the beauty, the artistic mojo of the female form for as long as there has been rock to sculpt, charcoal, pencils or paint to render with. Nowadays, we have photography. That is the subject today. Artistic nude photography.

The Artist today is Alex Wilson. His photo sessions Bodyscape, Shadow, and Silhouette (all found here Alex Wilson Gallery) have a beauty, sophistication and artistry I’ve not often seen in this genre. I spent quite a bit of time browsing other artistic nude sites. But his work stood out to me. Far above the rest in fact.

I love black & white work and Wilson’s use of light and shadow humbles me. His ability to capture it so perfectly is downright stunning. The use of natural body language and positioning creates an energy about his work. It adds a depth that work from other photographers just did not have. It’s not that the other photographers didn’t have good, quality work. They did. But I’d make the statement that they were Photographers and Alex Wilson is an Artist.

To see more of Alex Wilson’s work you can go to his website . To keep up on his new work check out his blog Alex Wilson’s Blog.

So, know a photographer you think does good or better work? Is it interesting enough I’d consider posting it? Please leave a comment with the site addy so I can check it out!

Art and Attitude,

All photos and work copyright Alex Wilson 2011.


  1. Great!


  2. This is something i have never ever read.very detailed analysis.


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