Eric Joisel: More Than Origami!

The Genius of Eric Joisel
Eric Joisel took origami to a whole new level. The size and scope of his work is downright humbling. The time, focus and dedication it must have taken to design and finish these works utterly blows my mind. Below is a clip written about him, his work and his legacy.

“He took up origami in 1983, and just four years later had his first exhibition, in Paris. It was proof of his immense talent, but the French artist knew that it took a lot more hard work to take his art to the highest possible level. Whenever someone asked him how long it took him to finish one of his paper artworks, he would say “35 years, because that is how long it has taken me to get to this level.”

“Unlike the paper boats or birds people usually associate with the art of origami, Joisel’s works are more like paper sculptures created from a single sheet of paper. The blueprint for a single figure could take several years to complete, and the folding process lasted hundreds of hours, but the result was truly magnificent. By dampening the sheet of paper, the artist could curve it into intricate shapes, allowing him to create details like furrowed brows or veined hands. Some of his larger creations, like the paper rhino you’re about to see below, were created from giant sheets of paper, measuring 15 feet by 25 feet (about the size of a studio apartment).”
–By Spooky on November 30th, 2010 Article Here.

Sadly, Eric Joisel passed away from lung cancer on October 10, 2010. To see more of his amazing work go here Eric Joisel Gallery.


All photos and work copyright Eric Joisel 2011.


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