Ashes To Ashes To Portrait!

From Fire To Portrait
Since it’s Zombie Jesus Day (or something like that), I thought I’d go with a fitting tone for today’s article.

Raven J. Collins, a 37 year old visual Artist, specializes in hand drawn portraits that incorporate human ash. It is a final tribute to a lost loved one. Her inspiration for this out-of-the-box thinking came in 2006 when she lost two close family members. She drew portraits that sat on easels next to the caskets. Now, she owns and runs, her company that immortalizes any loved one’s ashes into a custom portrait. The portraits only require a teaspoon of ashen remains to be completed. Prices typically range from $200-$300 depending on size, color, etc. According to her website, all it takes to make your portrait a reality is 2 pictures of the lost loved one, (human or animal) a teaspoon of “cremains” in a pill bottle or small container and a 50% down payment.

To see more of her work visit her website here:

Or you can see her work at her myspace site here:Raven J. Collins.

Original Story and information retrieved from Artist Draws Portraits Using the Ashes of Her Subjects by Spooky, April 18th, 2011,


All photos and work by Raven J. Collins. Copyright 2011.


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