3D Installation Art: Marker Madness!

3D Installation Art-1 by Heike Weber
3D Installation Art-2 by Heike Weber
3D Installation Art-3 by Heike Weber

Marker Madness
I’ve seen people paint on walls. I’ve seen people create graphic images, drawings, illustrations or murals. I’ve even seen these works stretch past a singular wall to encompass many walls, the ceiling or the floor. But I’ve never seen the level of precision, talent and effort put into a work like that of Heike Weber’s designs!

Each installation is hand drawn with permanent markers. Let me say this again, so it truly sinks in, each one is hand drawn with permanent markers!!! Talk about a time consuming, physically demanding, mentally exhausting feat. The size of the installations is another thing that boggles the mind. These are not small rooms built solely to be Artworks. Some of the work she has done has been in areas of over 5,000 square feet!

But Heike isn’t just an installation artist. She does painting, photography, sculpture and object creation. Once I started looking for more information on her, I found quite a bit. So, here are a few more photos of her work, followed by a couple links to check out more if you’d like.


All photos and work by Heike Weber. Copyright 2011.

See more of Heike Weber’s work here Installations by Heike Weber
by Juxtapoz Magazine, January 29th, 2011.

To see her full collection of work visit her webpage HEIKE WEBER!


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