Definitely Not Like The Other!

Not Like The Other

Definitely Not Like The Other!
What happens when you put an out-of-the-box-thinker, printmaker and painter up against an illustrator, painter and graphic designer? Wouldn’t it be even more interesting if they were brother and sister? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer. Brother and sister combo, Max and Erin Leon are having their second gallery show together!

Who: Max M. Leon & Erin Leon
Where: 3 Fish Gallery, Portland, ME.
Info here: Not Like The Other.

About The Arists
Max M Leon II is a New England based, self taught artist and draftsman. He has been published internationally, displayed in galleries from Austin, Texas to Portland, Maine; and has been nominated by the Portland Phoenix as Portland’s Best Visual Artist for 2011. Max’s newest works bridge the gap between mathematical and abstract, providing a window into an intricately complex world of shapes and fragments.

More of Max’s work can be seen at:
You can also see and “Like” his work on Facebook: Max Leon Art

Erin Leon is a printmaker at Pickwick Independent Press in Portland, Maine. She began her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing. After her family moved to Maine, she graduated from the Maine College of Art with a Bachelor’s degree in Printmaking. She fuses classical methods of art with contemporary and innovative processes. Her recent work, the “Zoo Series” is a body of relief prints, which explores various animals, their textures and sizes. She is keenly interested in animal biology and their symbolism.

More of Erin’s work can be seen at:
You can also see and “Like” her work on Facebook: Erin Leon Art

In conclusion, they are two very talented and passionate Artists. They also happen to be siblings. Go see the show if you are in the area! Go check out their websites. You won’t be disappointed!


Not Like The Other


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