Save Us From Your Fanatics!

'Please Lord, Save Me..." apparel design. Copyright Savage1Studio MM. All rights reserved.

'Please Lord, Save Me" apparel design. Copyright Savage1Studio MM. All rights reserved.

Feeling the need to comment on organized religion? Well, good news! This shirt was made for you.

Some people have described this shirt as “offensive” or “obscene.” Others have used terms like “heretic”, “blasphemy” or “uncouth.” Then, there have been some that got the joke and used terms like “awesome”, “fantastic” and “hilarious.” Which are you?

Please note- There are NO pictures of Mohammad on this shirt.

Shirts are Hanes 6-ounce, 100% ComfortSoft cotton. (preshrunk) These shirts were specifically picked due to accurate sizing and a longer than average front body length. Sizing is from LG-3XL.

all artwork, design, photographs © Copyright 2010-2011 Savage1Studio MultiMedia LLC.


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My Personal Response to the Piss Christ Destruction:
I touched on my personal opinion of the Piss Christ (R.I.P.) destruction in yesterday’s post, but I felt the need to close the chapter on it. Religion and I don’t get along. You could even say we pretty much hate each other.

I’m trying to live by the ideals: Individuality, Personal Expression and Freedom of Speech. This means allowing people to do, be, and think what they want. I like it. I like it a lot. And it’s easy to do when you’re surrounded by (relatively) like minded people. It’s a lot harder when your confronted with someone, or a group, that sees things so differently. It’s even harder when that group is not bound by logic or reason. This is my issue with religion.

Now before I get any further, I’m not going to beat you over the head with my theological(?) ideals. Nor am I going to go on a tirade about the overwhelmingly bloody history of almost every religion. For that, all you need to do is a little research on your own. All that I really want to say is said in the image above.

To be fair, I have many friends that are religious. And well, they are still my friends, so that means it’s not a deal breaker. And I know that religion has a positive influence in some people’s lives. That’s great. I’m happy for them. It’s all the self righteous, power hungry, money grubbing, child molesting, crazy fundamentalists I’ve got issue with. They use religion to manipulate and control. They use it to validate acts of callousness, discrimination, violence and murder. To all those people, this shirt is for you.

About The Design
We designed and started printing these shirts about 10 months ago. Now, I’ve seen other shirts or stickers that say things similar. Most notably “Jesus save us from your followers.”

But I personally like this design because it speaks on religion in a larger sense. Yes, the undertones are obviously Christian. I used Albrecht Durer’s famous praying hands and the Christian theme. But the terminology is loose, giving it room to be a statement about any “Lord” or “God.”

This may come off as a little shamelessly self promoting. But that’s OK, because it is. A least a little bit. But it’s also relevant to the recent events. It also does a great job of explaining my opinion on these events in a single, clear sentence.

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