Creepy Kid Art: Post-It!

Post-It Art 1
Images courtesy of John Kenn Gallery,

John Kenn is an odd man. First off, he draws his creepy, Edward Gorey type, sketches on Post-It notes. When asked why he started his Post-It note project his answer was this…

“So I wouldn’t die. I know it is a silly answer, but I just HAVE to draw and I HAVE to tell stories and I have to do it fast, and by doing it this way on post-it notes I can get it all out fast, so that I won’t stress myself (or bore myself) to death.”

Post-It Art 2

I love the answer. He’s trying to get the inspired images and story out as fast as possible. While they are still fresh and vibrant in his mind. He’s not arguing with himself on their added value. Or if they look too much like the last sketch. Which is great, that can be done at a later date.

Kenn lists Steven King and H.P Lovecraft as his biggest influences but admits that Tim Burton is also in the mix. I’d venture that Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak may have had some influence as well. That’s not an insult. More like a compliment.

Post-It Art 3

No matter who his influences are, I for one, just hope he keeps on making Art.

Art the World!

To see more of John Kenn’s Art collection go here John Kenn’s Blog!

To See more of the Interview about the Post-It project go here Mysterious Post-It Art by Danish John Kenn Posted on November 18, 2010 by LauraJul



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