Designer Drug Jewelry: Yes She Did!

Designer Drug Jewelry
Photo by Make Shop

Designer drug jewelry?
Yup. When I read this article, I knew I had to post it!

Breast Cancer survivor Susan Braig, a 61 year old from Altadena, California, began making jewelry from medication as a to cope, now she sells her creations to try to pay her stack of medical bills. Buying her first round of medicine out of our of her own pocket, with a cost of $500, she wondered if they were made from little gems.

“Now, seven years after starting her treatment, Susan Braig is cancer-free and running her own jewelry line, called Designer Drug Jewelry. Friends and fellow cancer survivors donate their own old and leftover medicine, and she uses them to create colorful accessories priced between $15 and $150. She sells them at craft shows, where she wears a white medical robe, and is considering distributing them to hospital gift shops.”

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending. At least, not yet. All the profits Susan makes from selling her Designer Drug Jewelry goes to paying off the vast medical bills that piled up during her chemo.

Read the full story here Cancer Survivor Makes Drug Jewelry to Pay off Medical Debt By Spooky on April 1st, 2011,


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