Skate Board Art: Elevated

Indian Skateboard Art
Indian Workers Creating Artworks

Indian Woodcarvers Give the Skateboard an Oriental Twist
By Spooky on March 30th, 2011, Oddity Central

I’ve seen a lot Art cred recently given to skateboards, snowboards and surf boards over the recent months. If given the opportunity, I’ll spend some time on the undertaking by one of the PNW star graphic designers, Robynne Raye, once it’s finalized and released to the public. But until then, back to the article at hand. I’d wax poetic on the subject, but the original writer, Spooky, did so well I’ll use his own words to describe it…

“German curator Tobias Megerle teamed up with a dozen traditional woodcarvers from Mumbai to give the skateboard a brand new make-over inspired by traditional Indian patterns.

Megerle remembers “The very first time I drove past I was magically attracted to the carved wooden objects in Mahim, all the open workshops, the woodcarvers sitting on the floor with their traditional tools, working on their items, the whole atmosphere”. As an artist he wanted to do something with their work, and after several visits studying their craft, he picked the good old skateboard to undergo the carvers’ artistic treatment.

Tobias Megerle’s art project was named Final Cut, and its main goal was to keep the skateboards functional even after Mumbai’s carvers were done with them. The results are truly amazing, and the German curator hopes his project will lift India’s woodcarvers from the state of craftsmen to that of artists.

That last sentence is what really got to me. The idea behind the terms Craftsman and Artist. Truthfully, I don’t feel there are many REAL craftsmen left. Yet there are tens of thousands of “artists.” I see what he’s trying to do and I applaud it. But at the same time, why must we denigrate the term craftsmen. It should still be held in a place of honor. A great Craftsman should be worth as much as a great Artist. Yet that is not the case in modern day. Master craftsmen have gone the way of the dingo. And all the world is a sadder place for it. Well not all, this article proves that!

Read the full article Here!


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