Ai Weiwei Offered Role In CPPCC Before Detention

Ai Weiwei
Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Ai Weiwei ‘was offered advisory role before his detention’
Tania Branigan in Beijing, Wednesday 13 April 201

“Artist Ai Weiwei was invited by Chinese officials to join a political advisory body days before his detention, according to his staff.” Coincidence? Not very damn likely. The article goes on to state… “The South China Morning Post said Ai had told his aides that he had twice been invited to join the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), an advisory body made up of non-Communist party members, including high-profile figures such as artists and athletes. It was not clear whether they were referring to the national body or one of its subordinate bodies, or how Ai had responded, it added.” I think I’ve a good idea on what his response was. Otherwise he’d not have been detained and subsequently disappeared.

Full story Here!
A look at Ai Weiwei’s work Here!



  1. He really is a great artist.
    We all joke about China owning the US…. but, I am so grateful to live in the USA (despite its left and right wings)


    • His art is interesting and socially relevant.
      As for living in the US, I completely agree. The chasm between the left and right has gotten so big it’s hard to even handle anymore. What ever happened to working together and compromise? Oh I know, greed and special interest got in the way. On both sides. 😦


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