EFJI Kickstarter Is GO! And Boy, Is It Going Well!

EFJI intro image

In my last post, I warned you all that the Escape From Jesus Island project was coming to a head. Well, it’s on! The project’s Kickstarter proposal launched July 28th, a mere 5 days ago, and has been going extremely well! (see it HERE!) With 36 total chances to actually BE in the comic up for […]

Escape From Jesus Island is Coming!

EFJI-Heavy Hitters

After months of planning and work, the Escape From Jesus Island project is coming to life! The project launches it’s all new website http://www.jesusisland.com tomorrow (a site designed by Savage1Studio and your’s truly!) and launches its Kickstarter proposal on July 28th! The site features information about the story line, characters, a huge gallery, a store […]

Go Team Pop Culture!

Team Pop Culture Facebook Cover

One of the (many) projects I’ve been working on over the last year and a half (when I was supposed to be re-vamping and relaunching the new website) is, what we now call, Team Pop Culture! This collaboration with Author R. Smith began as the writing, editing and releasing of a fiction novel. But it’s […]

Halloween Special: Gypsy Rose’s Handmade Horns 25% Off Today ONLY!

Get 25% off today at Gypsy Rose's Today!

My friend, artist Gypsy Rose, who hand makes costumed horns, masks and other sundries is offering a one-day only 25% off coupon for any purchases today. I know, as well as you do, you haven’t decided what you are going to be for Halloween yet. Take care of that problem and support an artist! Talk […]

Taming the Waters: The Breathtaking Art of Rome’s Trevi Fountain!

Fontana di Trevi by Night -- All rights reserved by Hisham Besheer

By Christina Lazarakis I whacked my toe last night. I had been chasing my husband, Christopher, playfully trying to tackle him.  Turning the corner to our bedroom, my naked, right little toe clipped the edge of the door and I whacked it … hard.  So hard in fact that I sliced it.  Blood?  Not much, […]

The Beauty of Struggle: The Art of Printmaker Charles Spitzack!

"Workie Work" woodblock print by Charles Spitzack. All rights reserved.

Artist Charles Spitzack is, quite honestly, an amazing guy. When I first met him, I wanted to hate him. He’s only 24 years old, only been doing printmaking for 4 years…and yet he’s currently showing at Davidson Galleries, Seattle’s premier print gallery. A little bit of jealousy perhaps? No, not perhaps…absolutely. But the more time […]

Beautiful Sand Paintings by Joe Magrum | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities


Read and see more about the awesome work of Joe Magrum Beautiful Sand Paintings by Joe Magrum | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities.   (This was my first attempt to post using the Press This feature. I don’t think I like it. Guess I’ll just go back to the hard way.) Art & Attitude, Savage1 […]


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