Day: September 8, 2020


Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary – Medical Properties Of Medical Marijuana

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is one of the many cannabis retailers that have recently popped up around the city. Mary Jane, or just MJJ for short, was started in 2020 in the town of California, by a former employee of the infamous “Club,” the famed California cannabis club. MJJ has since grown in popularity to become a chain of over 40 marijuana stores in California. One of their biggest locations is in the town of San Bernardino.

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary –  Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Customer Experience

Marijuana retail stores are now more widespread than ever. In fact, some California cities have even gone as far as to ban marijuana sales altogether. As in other states across the country, the pot is still illegal under federal law. However, there are many states, like Colorado and Washington, that have legalized the production and sale of medical marijuana. Because of this, the market for weed has been on the rise over the last several years. Unfortunately, for many patients in the medical marijuana states, the medical marijuana laws have not allowed patients to grow their own weed, as is the case with some cities and towns in California.

Because of this, patients who have been approved by their doctors to legally consume the drug can only buy it from a licensed outlet.

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