Architecture, Nature & Art. It’s Love At First Sight!

25 Verde, designed by Luciano Pia. Phot by Beppe Giardino ©

This is absolutely awesome! As soon as I saw this I thought, “Ooh, hell yes!” I live in the middle of the city. That city is Seattle. More specifically, I live on Capitol Hill. And I love it. A whole fucking lot. But, let’s be honest, living in the middle of the city is well…noisy. […]

Revisit: The Beauty of the Black & White Nude!


REVISIT: Another oldie but goodie… The Artistic Nude It was only a matter of time before I tackled this subject. The artistic nude. More specifically, the female nude. It is, has been, and always will be a subject of artistic debate. Artists have been trying to capture the sensuality, the beauty, the artistic mojo of […]

Revisit: True “Insider” Outsider Art


An intriguing artist, with an equally intriguing form of art! All hail Artist Daniel Watson! Alien or Citrus? Both. When you look at this work, what do you see? I see an amazingly detailed work that looks to be molded of clay and worked with tools to get the shape and depth. Then maybe it’s […]

Revisit: The Blow Your Mind Embroidery of Daniel Kornrumpf!


Here is a revisit of some fantastic work by artist/crafter Daniel Kornrumpf… Daniel Kornrumpf has a pretty impressive pedigree. He received a BFA from Kutztown University, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He also has an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s even had work shown at the Cambridge Art Association […]

Art Cuts To The Core: Equality < Equity!


Now this is the kind of street art I admire. Sharp and clever social commentary. Beautifully simple, and amazingly on-point, this street artwork strikes at the very core of society’s failing. If you know the Artist or location of this work, please contact me so I can credit it properly. (Props to STREET ART UTOPIA […]

Sketch Book Gold: Artist Pat Perry!

Sketch Book Art #15 by Pat Perry. All rights reserved.

I’ve got to hand it to Jeff Hamada, the founder and editor for BOOOOOOOM, he certainly does find some gems! This week’s stolen reblogged article is about artist Pat Perry. The Michigan-based artist has an impressive collection of work; Murals, Street Art, Sketches, Illustration, etc. The post from BOOOOOOOM is specifically about the work in his sketch […]

Street Artist Duo Pichi and Avo Show Greek Gods & Graffiti = Beautiful!


The debate ‘Is it Street Art or is it Graffiti?’ is a hotly contested one. And with good reason. There is a huge difference between tagging shit and creating something of beauty. Was the project or mural sanctioned? Does the finished product add value to society as a whole (in some way), or is it […]


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