Metal In Your Face! New England Thrashers – Swarm of Eyes

Swarm of Eyes live.

I discovered this band about 6 months ago, and it’s all thanks to an old friend. He introduced me to George O’Connor because we were both is the same biz. No, not music. Indie publishing. You see, George is also an indie comic creator. He’s written and published 2 comic book series, Healed and Baby. […]

Featured Item: “Abstinence Makes The Forearm Stronger” T-shirt by Savage Apparel!

'Abstinence' Apparel design. Copyright Savage1Studio MM. 2012. All rights reserved.

Looking for a shirt to make people do a double take? This one might do the trick… Click HERE for more by Savage Apparel. Art the World! Savage1

Comic Feature: The Sci-Fi Zombie Horror Web Comic – Under The Flesh!

Under The Flesh - The Sci-Fi Comic of Zombie Horror comic by G. Deltres & J. L. Giles. All rights reserved.

Today, we take a left turn into one of my favorite worlds: comic books. Moreover, we plunge into a genre I hold dear: Zombies! With that said, here is Under The Flesh – The Sci-Fi Comic of Zombie Horror comic by G. Deltres & J. L. Giles. Here is the extremely short, but sharp, tag […]

The Incomparable: IIWII PROJECT! If You Haven’t Seen It Yet…You’re Missing Out!

It Is What It Is, 28 The Rich Man. [txt ©2014 jbb | img ©2014 am]

I’ve done posts on this project in the past. Three to be exact. And every time I say something like “…I absolutely love watching the daily/weekly/monthly progression and evolution of this artistic masterpiece. It’s one of the main reasons I keep re-posting about IIWII. It’s a living art experiment. Each time I post about it, […]

Typed “Beautiful Photography” In Google: Here Are A Few Of The Highlights!


Inspired by the “A Bold Man Dives Head On Into Largest Waves On Earth. The Result? Spectacular!” posts (both the video and images from his collection) that have dominated my newsfeed on Facebook, I decided to try a little experiment. I typed “beautiful photography” into Google, and decided I’d post the first few images that really […]

Art Shines Truth Upon The World!

Art also doesn't lie...

  via STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasStreet Art by Herakut » STREET ART UTOPIA. For more Herakut art, click HERE. Give Us Art! salutes you (and your work) Herakut! Savage1

Killer Adventure Time Alternate ‘Flip’ Comic Cover by Artist Sarah Stone!


“Adventure Time: The Flip Side” #6, by Sarah Stone (BOOM! Studios)


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