Street Art: Around the World in Eight Photos

Featured Image -- 4302

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Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always photograph local street art. The topics, colors, and scenes help me absorb the feel and atmosphere that makes each destination truly unique. Join me for a tour of some amazing street art from around the world, right from the comfort…

Shout Outs! Big Ups to Little Black Book, Patriot-1 & Sidekicks!

White Zombie Print by Steven Russell Black

I don’t have time to report on every Kickstarter I watch, follow or root for. There just isn’t enough time in the day for that. But, I would like to congratulate a few People/Projects for their successful Kickstarter campaigns. Little Black Book First, is the art book Little Black Book, by artist Steven Russell Black. […]

Mother Nature Might Be The Best Artist Of All: China’s Rainbow Mountains!

China's Rainbow Mountains

There won’t be many words to this post. There’s no need. The post’s title says it all “Mother Nature Might Be The Best Artist Of All!” China’s Rainbow Mountains, located in the Zhangye Danxia Geopark, is only one –of a million examples– of Mother Nature’s masterpieces, but it made me stop in my tracks. I […]

Indie Comic Roundup #2: An Escapism Artist, Desperate and Destitute & Neptune Road!

Art by Hanh Nguyen. Copyright © 2014.  All rights reserved.

Today, in Indie Comic Roundup, we take a left turn into weirder waters. In Indie Comic Roundup #1, we looked at Superhero & High Fantasy books. This time, we delve into some odd little gems. All three of these titles took, what I’ll call the road less traveled, to reach their artistic destination. Which I […]

Cartoons Rule! Writer & Show Creator Adam Reed Dishes On Archer Season 6!

archer-vice Versability

Part of the new wave of adult oriented cartoons, FX’s animated spy spoof Archer, starring voice acting God H. Jon Benjamin (who I will one day soon dedicate an article to…), Aisha Tyler, and more, is one of the best animated shows on TV. This isn’t just my opinion, the statement has been validated by […]

Crafty & Craftier: Devil Among The Tailors!

Zombies Recycled T-Shirt Tote by Rachelle Leon

Artist Rachelle Leon has seen some face time on this blog before (see feature: Featured Artist: Jeweler Rachelle Leon!), but her passion for creativity just can’t seem to be contained. She moves from project to project, finding new, fun and interesting artistic endeavors to try. Her newest project: Devil Among The Tailors! This time around, […]

How About A Little Expressionism? Thick Paint & Opinions Ahead!

Untitled - by Enzo Gucchi. All rights reserved.

Expressionist painters are intriguing to me. Part genius, part idiocy, their work may just be the most hotly contested of the ‘fine art’ genres. An expressionist painting can connect with a person, as if calling out directly to their soul. Or, it might just look like an absolute waste of time, paint & energy. This […]


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