Pressed Flower Art by Ignacio Canales Aracil!

Art by Ignacio Canales Aracil. All rights reserved.

Check out these stunning pressed flower works of art! Bravo to Artist Ignacio Canales Aracil! Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil creates vessels reminiscent of upside-down baskets using nothing but pressed flowers. The art of flower pressing dates back thousands of years; pressed flowers were reportedly discovered in a 3,000-year-old coffin of Tutankhamun’s mother in Egypt, […]

A Charlie Hebdo Retrospective

Art by Lucille Clero. All rights reserved.

When so many people pounced on the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I chose to deal with it internally. Spend a little time with it. Really absorb the attack. Absorb the loss of life over a cartoon. People shot and killed…over a fucking cartoon. A fucking cartoon. As you can see, I’m no closer […]

Never About Talent – Yuko Shimizu

This guy is working hard. Are you?

So, who actually makes it in the art biz? Well, instructor Yuko Shimizu has some thoughts on that… The answer is this: those who dream big, and those who work hard toward it. Those are the ones, I can guarantee, who make it at the end. It’s that simple. It is never about how talented […]

The Ugly Truth About Book Sales


Originally posted on Leona's Blog of Shadows:
Today I am going to share some eye-opening truths, which might shatter the illusions regarding the book publishing business and crush the dreams of some folk out there. I have recently come across a rather interesting blog post link in the comments section under a post at…

Revisit: Trendsetters Vol 1. A look at Paul Rand!


Having spent time recently thinking about design & the editing services I offer (my services page is being completely overhauled), this revisit is timely and apt. Enjoy the genius of design superstar Paul Rand! Graphic Design Pioneer: Paul Rand No one personified the “synthesis of form and content” better than design legend Paul Rand. Rand […]

Revisit: A Man And His Grid! Artist Chuck Close!

All images and art copyright Chuck Close.

American Artist Chuck Close is incredible, and his story is even more so. The remarkable career of artist Chuck Close extends beyond his completed works of art. More than just a painter, photographer, and printmaker, Close is a builder who, in his words, builds “painting experiences for the viewer.” Highly renowned as a painter, Close […]

Indie Comic Roundup #3: The Infernal Pact, Judas Breed & Squarriors!

The Infernal Pact. Image by Joseph Schmalke

Today, in Indie Comic Roundup, I focus on a few insanely cool looking Kickstarter projects. In ICR #1, we looked at Superhero & High Fantasy books. In ICR #2, it was a look at some real trippy art projects. This episode of ICR is focused on horror…with a side of brutality. Welcome to Indie Comic […]


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