Revisit: A Man And His Grid! Artist Chuck Close!

All images and art copyright Chuck Close.

American Artist Chuck Close is incredible, and his story is even more so. The remarkable career of artist Chuck Close extends beyond his completed works of art. More than just a painter, photographer, and printmaker, Close is a builder who, in his words, builds “painting experiences for the viewer.” Highly renowned as a painter, Close […]

Indie Comic Roundup #3: The Infernal Pact, Judas Breed & Squarriors!

The Infernal Pact. Image by Joseph Schmalke

Today, in Indie Comic Roundup, I focus on a few insanely cool looking Kickstarter projects. In ICR #1, we looked at Superhero & High Fantasy books. In ICR #2, it was a look at some real trippy art projects. This episode of ICR is focused on horror…with a side of brutality. Welcome to Indie Comic […]

Hand Crafted: The (New) Quilled Artworks by Artist Yulia Brodskaya!

Art by Yulia Brodskaya. All rights reserved.

Artist Yulia Brodskaya has been all the rage recently on Facebook. After checking out her new work, I now know why. I did a post of her work way back in 2011 (The Fantastic Paper Art of Yulia Brodskaya!), and the work was incredible then. But her new work is really quite amazing. Brodskaya, who […]

Music. Cartoons. Comedy. The Creative Genius Of Brendon Small!


Musician, comedian, writer and voice actor, Brendon Small, is one of my heroes. That’s no lie. He’s a Gen-Xer (like me), living his dreams (like I’d love to) of creating music, cartoons and comedy. An absolute creative genius, Small has produced –or been involved in– some of my favorite cartoons, music and experiences. The list […]

Revisit: Montreal-based graffiti crew A’shop’s nod to Mucha!

Known as the “N.D.G. Project” (after its location), the giant graffiti artwork is a modern take on “Our Lady of Grace” and was inspired by the work of Czech art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha.

Montreal Street Art Crew Goes Mucha! Montreal’s graffiti crew known as A’shop transform a boring side of a building into amazing piece of street art. A’Shop artists: Fluke, Guillaume Lapointe, Antonin Lambert, DoDo Ose and Bruno Rathbone worked 16 days from dawn till dusk in order to complete the incredible five-storey mural. Known as the […]

Harassment & Misogyny In Gaming Culture Tackled At PAX Prime 2014 Panel!


Let’s be honest people, this senseless bullying and harassment of girls and women in the geek & gaming culture is fucking ridiculous. It. Needs. To. Stop. We’ve got shit like this: Sarkeesian driven out of home by online abuse and death threats, because Anita Sarkeesian has the audacity to point out the obvious…that the majority […]

Street Art: Around the World in Eight Photos

Featured Image -- 4302

Originally posted on News:
Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always photograph local street art. The topics, colors, and scenes help me absorb the feel and atmosphere that makes each destination truly unique. Join me for a tour of some amazing street art from around the world, right from the comfort…


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